In Exodus 12:38, after the Israelites have been led out of Egypt by God, the text reads “A mixed multitude also went up with them.”  Here, early in the biblical narrative, we see the inclusion of those outside of the chosen tribe included in God’s liberating action. God’s saving action in the world is not just for a chosen few—it is for all people. We believe that the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ is liberating news for all people regardless of creed, color, age, or gender. And we believe that this good news is to be known, enjoyed, and sung by a mixed multitude of sinners and saints, even in our day.

Mixed Multitude Music is a music project made up of a collection of people showing and telling this good news, by working in humble collaboration, writing new songs of praise, and seeking to glorify the Triune God.

Thanks for listening. We hope this music serves you and leads you to know, enjoy, and sing of the good news of Jesus.

Mixed Multitude